Monday, 17 August 2015

Teak's 12 week update

Teak will have been here 12 weeks on Tuesday and its her turn for a (belated) update.
Not the best photo but she had very flat feet when she arrived which had under-run and lost concavity. She came out of shoes a short time before she came to Rockley; she had previously had some time barefoot but was in shoes most recently.
This is her worse foot and as you can see she has developed better concavity as well as a clear heel first landing. Her heels are still under-run - it will take at least another 12 weeks before she has grown in a full new hoof capsule. 
You can already see the changes in her feet but full concavity won't be there until the new hoof capsule is completely grown in.

Recently out of shoes she had a long toe but you can see from the photo today that the new angle of growth will bring that in a lot shorter. Her heels look strange at the moment because the new growth hasn't yet reached the ground but once its there it will bring the back of her foot more underneath her.

This was an even more collapsed foot than her LF but again the new hoof growth is clearly visible and will result in a shorter toe and more supportive palmar hoof once its fully grown in.

From this angle you can see that the palmar hoof is much more developed than it was on day one, even though it still looks under-run on the lateral shots. A stronger frog and digital cushion are very encouraging even though she has a way to go. 

As always, its important to assess feet from several different angles and not just rely on one shot to make your comparisons. Photos like these are helpful but only when you have already seen the horse move and how the feet are loading and landing. 

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