Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mordor's 12 week update

Mordor has now been here nearly 12 weeks so another update is due. Contrary to initial impressions, Mordor's feet have not just become hairier in the time he has been here...!
His landing has changed as well - I will upload footage later on - and he has gone from having a medio-lateral imbalance to having a much more balanced landing. 
He had a reasonably good foot in shoes but his toes have shortened and his heels come back since he came out of shoes. 

He has also developed a stronger frog and digital cushion, as you can see from this angle. 

Feather really doesn't help in hoof photos, for which I apologise. 
This is his weaker foot and on this foot his frog still has a little way to go before its as strong as his right foot.
More when I have his footage...

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