Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Wiggy's 8 week update

Like Filly, Wiggy's update should have been up last week so apologies again but I hope the RRR film made it worth waiting for.
As with Filly, I filmed Wiggy last week with the FS700 and his revised landing footage is above. His stride length and landing have both improved which is good to see as he arrived with thin soles as well as a flat landing. 
We might as well start with the business end, and Wiggy's palmar hoof shows some nice changes. A less deviated hoof wall and a digital cushion which is less crushed and is showing better development.  
Its interesting that as a palmar hoof contracts the digital cushion gets shoved into a V shape - as you can see in the top photo  - whereas a healthy digital cushion lies much more horizontally between heel bulbs and hairline.
 These photos show quite clearly what a difference there will be in toe length and hoof capsule angle once the new hoof capsule has grown in. The new growth is in the top third of the foot and will bring the toe back as well as bringing the palmar hoof back, making the heels less under-run.
At the moment it all looks pretty odd as you have the old growth at the bottom but if you look at the hairline, which is less deviated today than on day 1, and project the new growth down it begins to look like a more respectable foot. 
 Again, you need to ignore the long toe which is apparent in the latest photo below. That is old hoof capsule which is being steadily replaced by stronger growth at a better, more supportive angle. You can in fact see that he is already breaking over in line with where the new growth will come in. 
Its nice to see a stronger, more capable frog and the beginnings of a more concave foot as well. 
Finally, here is some comparison footage of him on a circle, for completeness. 

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