Friday 5 September 2014

One Lucky horse

These feet belong to new boy Lucky who arrived on Monday. Sorry for the delay in posting his photos but I had such a backlog that I only got to him today. 
Lucky rather belies his name as he has been diagnosed twice with navicular, once in his LF and more recently in his RF. He had an MRI a year ago which indicated an adhesion to the navicular bursa and DDFT damage and had surgery as a result.
 He had box rest and remedial farriery and seemed to have recovered well and was brought back into work after a few months. He had his shoes off about 9 months ago and his feet have apparently improved enormously since then - in fact as you can see from these photos there is already a lot to like about his feet.
However within the last few weeks he has gone lame again and this again blocked to the navicular. When he arrived here he was landing occasionally heel first and flat the rest of the time and he had a slight medio-lateral imbalance. 
 On a circle interestingly he was lamer on the left than the right, despite the fact that the left looks like a better balanced foot
 So there are a few conundrums to be puzzled out  - more on Lucky soon!

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