Thursday 16 May 2013

The Rockley Rehab Reunion 2013 is GO!

Last year's RRR was a complete blast. It helped that we had a mountain of cake, endless XC jumps, sunshine, indoor and outdoor arenas, wine, stabling for 50 horses, 3 huge meals a day, perfect going, brilliant company and our own campsite...well, you get the picture. 
This year we are going back to Milton Keynes Eventing Centre, who were so good to us last year, and as the old lags know, the dates are Thursday 12th Sept - Sunday 15th Sept 2013.
Everyone who has had a horse here is welcome and it would be wonderful to see you all again. 
You can do as much or as little as you like (jumping is not compulsory!) and there is great hacking  - there are as many horses and riders who want to just go for a pootle as there are adrenaline speed junkies!
Huge thanks to Krista and Rachel who are looking after admin and bookings this year and as from today you can book via the swanky new RRR 2013 website:
See you there!


Krista said...

Waaaaa! We're live. Sooo excited.

Nic Barker said...

:-) Me too!!

UnicornDreams said...

Sounds like such fun that I wish mine had been a Rockley Rehab, luckily we managed the transition ourselves thanks to an uncomplicated TB!