Friday 17 May 2013

Charlie B's 8 week update

Charlie B has now been here nearly 8 weeks and the time seems to have flown since I last posted his update but here we are again.
Charlie arrived in shoes and with a diagnosis of ringbone. He was landing heel first but his medio-lateral balance wasn't right, causing him to land on the lateral side of his front feet rather than loading evenly.
These comparison shots give a good illustration of how his loading has changed - and how much stance is dictated by hoof balance!
 This is his LF on the day of his arrival and for comparison today, below - a much more comfortable looking stance and a more robust hoof.

Sole shots of the same foot, again 8 weeks apart, show how much the palmar hoof has de-contracted.
Charlie of course has a way to go before he has grown in his new hoof capsule but he is on the right track and I'm very pleased with him.
Stills from his footage show how his landing is changing. It will continue to improve but he's done well so far. 

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