Monday 20 May 2013

Paddy's 8 week update (or sometimes feet can change despite backs)

Paddy has now been here 8 weeks and Emma came to visit him this weekend. Now that we have an explanation about his back its helped enormously as we can work on his feet and help him get stronger within his comfort zone. 
These photos show his feet changing over 8 weeks.
His bars and heels are particularly interesting - still a work in progress but less contracted and pinched and beginning to work properly. 

You can clearly see the new angle of hoof growth, of course. The straighter hairline and more robust digital cushion are also encouraging. 

Here is his LF - again the better frog and heels are obvious.

The LF shots confirm rapid growth over 8 weeks  - the band of growth in the top photo developed in the first 6 weeks he was out of shoes but work on surfaces has helped it speed up even more. 
Caudal shots finally...
...and again over 8 weeks we see the start of a better digital cushion.
Comparison shots from Paddy's footage show the difference in his landing
 This is day one...
...and after 8 weeks. 
Interestingly, there is nearly as big a change in his hind feet as his front feet - for the hoof anoraks, Paddy's complete footage is here:


Unknown said...

Paddys heels are really improved ! And video front shots much more level .

RedsMum said...

I have heel envy, they look really good but perhaps I need to get out more :)

Emma Kitteridge said...

He's gone from flat/toe first landing on all four feet to heel first on 3 of them, still a little flat on the one he was lame on, but at least it's not toe first!

The comparison shots really show the improvements in his feet, despite having a dodgy back......well done Paddy & Nic!!!

Nic Barker said...

He's doing well :-) And yes, Sue, I think we all need to get out more - once a hoof nerd always a hoof nerd!