Friday, 12 November 2010

Update on the rehab horses

A quick update at the end of a week of rain and gales, trying weather for everyone and particularly for Isha, who has come out of box rest and into a group of other horses in the least calm conditions you could imagine.

She was of course quite wound up when she arrived, with the excitement of moving to a new yard and suddenly meeting a host of new faces but she has integrated surprisingly easily, meeting Felix and Charlie and then gradually getting to know the others in the herd.  Its fortunate that she has got on with the other horses so well as she needs to spend as much time as possible on the tracks to try and reverse that toe first landing.

Solomon is unperturbed by the filthy weather - he just does the sensible thing and carries on eating haylage no matter how much the wind howls and the rain lashes on the barn roof.  He is rather taken with Isha, but at the moment is having to bide his time as she is too taken up with Felix and Angel to pay him much attention!  He is in consistent work now and it seems to be suiting him, which is great.

Kingsley is another who is impervious to our dire November weather - I worked him yesterday as it was getting dark, in the teeth of the gales, and he was a little star.  He has a lovely get-on-with-it attitude, and positively relishes being out and about, but his weakness on a circle - where he struggles to trot particularly on the right rein - is only slowly improving.

I have found it very difficult to get photos and video footage this week, partly because of the weather and partly because I've been short of extra hands to film or lead for me, but I will definitely try to rectify that next week.


Wiola said...

Hello to Kingsley boy :) The weather is now equally awful here, raining madly as I type, not looking forwards to getting outside.

I would happily watch the footage from every day but totally agree regarding conditions :(

Cristina said...

Having just been out in Dubai for a week wasn't going to let a little rain stop me from taking Frankie out on the bridlepaths today. I think after last winter on Exmoor he figures he can handle anything weatherwise and really didn't want to come in from the field.