Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Kingsley - comparison clips

Kingsley had a visitor this weekend when Pauline came to check on his progress.  Wiola couldn't make it, so we promised to take a couple of clips of him for her to scrutinise.   Kingsley is at a very early stage of his rehab and as you can see, he still isn't at all sure where his feet are or how they work.  He is also generally much more cheerful when he is out and about, rather than in the arena(!)...
I've had to upload it onto Vimeo, as its too big for the blog, and you can see it here:

For me, the most obvious improvement is in his hind limb action, which is straighter than it was when he arrived.  I hope that over the next few weeks we will get a similar improvement in his front limbs.

His feet are changing too, of course, and the angle of the new growth is much steeper.  Even on day one, there was already a pronounced ridge in his hooves, possibly from his last shoeing, and 3 weeks later it is significantly further down the hoof.  These are feet which are undergoing rapid change, so its perhaps no surprise that he looks uncoordinated in the video clips.  
He is an absolute gentleman and you get the impression he is going to give this rehab lark his best shot ;-)

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Anonymous said...

He is a very sweet horse and I am hopeful for good improvements for him. The new hoof growth looks very promising.