Friday, 24 May 2019

Billy's 12 week update - some big changes

Billy went home this morning, after 12 weeks with us, and we will be sorry to see him go as he is a charming horse with a kind personality. Its interesting to see the changes in his feet  - with the original photos on the top and the current ones below, as always.  
He arrived in shoes but I didn't manage to get photos of him shod, although his video footage does show him in shoes. He was lamest on this foot and landing toe first out of shoes.  
As he had pads on as well as bar shoes his heels and frogs were contracted as you can see from the top photo. Although he has a central sulcus split which is still healing up he is now comfortable to land heel first and is growing a much stronger foot. 
You can just about see, if you look at the hoof wall, that his foot is more stable now but he still has more development to come in his palmar hoof. 
Not a perfect foot yet but less under-run and with about half a new hoof capsule still to grow in.  
I think we can safely say that this frog is now much happier, doing what it is supposed to be doing!
The important thing is that Billy has gone from landing toe first and being seriously lame on his RF to landing heel first and sound on both reins - a good result and I hope he continues to go from strength to strength. 

His footage is here and shows clear improvement in both his dorso-palmar and medio-lateral balance, from an exaggerated landing in his shoes and tipping from lateral to medial to a solid heel first landing and good, even medio-lateral balance. 

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