Thursday, 7 March 2019


 Mac is the penultimate new arrival, making his way here on a very stormy Sunday from Oxfordshire - its a good thing he was not one of the long distance travellers!
I saw Mac last autumn, as he is a horse I have known for a few years, and he has had problematic feet for a while. He's a big moving horse but has never really developed the back of his foot properly despite spending most of his last few years out of shoes.
Equally, occasional spells of being shod have not helped either so he has come here to see if an intensive few weeks of rehab can convince him to grow a better foot! 
Although they don't look too bad in a lateral shot, once you pick a foot up you can see the uneven hairline and weak heels. At the moment this is his worse foot but his lameness flip-flops from right to left over time. 

His right foot is better balanced and again looks ok from the side.  He is landing better on this foot although thats a fairly recent development. 
The frog on this foot is doing more work and the foot shows the benefit of this better loading. His hairline is also more even but his frog is a long way from being as healthy as it could be so we have plenty to work on!
Mac's footage is here:

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