Monday, 18 March 2019

Comparison hoof shots after 2 weeks: Billy

I usually try to take conparison photos once horses have been here a couple of weeks (a) because you often get some clear initial changes and (b) because both owners and I am impatient to assess how the horse is getting along. 

Its too early, in most cases, to see a change in landing but improvements in the palmar hoof in photos are a sign that the hoof is getting stronger and that an improvement in landing could follow. 

Billy has had to get used to coming out of his bar shoes and pads as well as building a stronger palmar hoof. There is some chipping below the nail-holes, which is completely normal. I would not be surprised if he developed an angle change in his dorsal wall but to see that you usually need 4-6 weeks of hoof growth.

There are some good changes in his frog and heels now that the bar shoes are off and its this sort of development that we want to see more of

Apologies for the differing angles. I'd expect to see further development here as Billy becomes capable of more work.

As with the RF there is some minor chipping but nothing to worry about.  We should see the hairline levelling up as the palmar hoof develops.

Again,  a better frog out of the bar shoes but of course this is still a weak, under-run hoof. However Billy has made a good start. 

A better angle for comparison but although there are some improvements Billy needs more time and a more confident landing in order to build his digital cushion.

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