Monday, 28 May 2018

Chiprola's 4 week update

This is Chiprola's 4 week update - there are changes in her feet but they are largely a response to the change in environment she has experienced in moving from Dubai to here. 
When she lived mostly on soft sand she needed extreme concavity in her feet and her frogs did not need to be particularly robust as they received stimulus despite being well below the level of her heels. 
Now, living on surfaces which are still conformable but include harder ground as well, her frogs are starting to work harder and her heels are lower. 

Although the changes are more difficult to see from the outside once you pick the foot up and compare the frogs the changes in loading are clear.   

As usual, she has not been trimmed and has been allowed to rebalance her feet on her own and in her own time. 
The track system here and the fact that she is turned out in the fields overnight has also meant that she is probably moving considerably further over a normal 24 hour period than she was previously, which will also be contributing to the changes in  her feet. 

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