Saturday, 19 May 2018

Cassie's 2 week update

A quick update on Cassie who arrived 2 weeks ago. Her feet have a lot of change needed but she is taking steps in the right direction. 
There is already a distinct angle change which you can see at the top of her hoof and which shows how her new hoof capsule will grow in. This will result in a shorter toe but it will take time. 
Not a lot to show from the sole view - the long hoof wall is slowly chipping off and wearing down but for now its a rather ugly foot. She needs to strengthen the palmar hoof before the toe shortens which is why I have not trimmed her feet. 

Her foot balance also needs to improve as you can see from the caudal shot. Again this will be a slow process but the foot is slowly stabilising. 

Cassie had just had an abscess on this foot when she arrived and developed an allergy to vetrap which is why she has a scabbed patch in the lower photo, but its healing nicely. Again, there is an angle change in the dorsal wall and a slightly better palmar hoof structure but its early days. 

Given another few weeks her long hoof wall will mostly be gone and the palmar hoof should be a lot stronger. 

There will be another update on Cassie soon, with hopefully more good changes. 

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