Friday, 13 October 2017

Freddie's 8 week update

Freddie has been here for 8 weeks so its time for an update.

The biggest changes visible from this angle are in the hairline, which is more balanced now (below) than it was when he arrived (above). His toe is also considerably shorter and his foot is therefore more supportive. 

If you compare the back of his frog and digital cushion its stronger now (below) although I must apologise for the lack of focus - Freddie can be a fidget. 

Its difficult to see from this angle but one of Freddie's issues is poor medio-lateral balance on both feet, but worse on this one, which leads him to land on the outside edge of the foot. It will take a while for this to improve but its likely that he will develop a medial deviation on this foot for support. 

Again, the main improvement is a hairline which is no longer nose-diving at the back and a more supportive palmar hoof. 

His frog is more robust now (below) and his foot is becoming more concave, though this will also take several more months to fully develop.
Not the clearest of shots unfortunately but as with the right foot it is on the way to having improved media-lateral balance. 

 His footage shows a clear improvement in landing, which is great to see as it took a while to change:

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