Friday, 27 October 2017

Flying high a year after rehab

Its always special to hear about horses who have done well after rehab and even more special when there are photos!

A short while back I heard from Elaine about Deutz, who came here last autumn and what a great picture she added to her email!

"Hi Nic, 
Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say Deutz won his section at Little Downham BE Novice on Monday. He finished on his Dressage score of 25.5. Next closest was Aussie Kevin McNab on 36.9! With Ros Canter and Kristina Cook also in the top ten it was a very competitive section and D showed them all how to do it. 

Comments on his Dressage Sheet prove barefoot and balance go hand in hand with an 8 for his paces!

And time for a cup of tea whilst everyone else 'studs up'.
He was one of only 2 horses across three Novice Sections to get round in the time. 
He wasn't even blowing by the time he got back to the lorry (lots of roadwork and hound exercise) and is now preparing for the Dressage Home International this weekend."

And her update from that weekend is equally lovely:

"Deutz was 6th Individually at the Home International and team  4th. 34 teams competed and the standard as you would expect was very high. Deutz had lots of admirers who watched both his tests but his dislike of simple changes in the first test and Philip doing his give and re-take in the wrong part of the circle in the second test cost him dear! 

Lots of interest in his rock-hard feet and a couple of other unshod horses there, several more with just front shoes. Discussions too about his feeding regime; he looks great and is super fit. 
He's doing his favourite thing again on Sunday: off with the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds."

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