Tuesday, 18 October 2016

New feet, 'nother new horse

These feet belong to Lenny, an eventer who arrived at the weekend. When you look at hooves from this angle its pretty clear which one he has not been using...
 ...its his LF, of course, which has been diagnosed with DDFT and collateral ligament damage on MRI.  However from the top (which after all is where we nearly always stand to look at feet) he looks a lot more symmetrical; a change in angle can be a useful viewing point.
 The sole shot shows a foot which isn't too bad, although flat and lacking structure.
Interestingly if anything the LF has better media-lateral balance than the RF, although the back of the LF is a lot weaker. The MRI also showed collateral ligament damage to the RF, which fits with what we can see in the photos. 
This is a more robust digital cushion than the LF but the foot looks as it is overloading medially. We will see if this changes once he is out of shoes.
 Lots to like about these feet, and there will be more on Lenny soon.


BruceA said...

Not bad frogs though.

Nic Barker said...

Yep, agreed :-)