Monday, 10 October 2016

Feathery Ted

 We have had a busy weekend with 2 horses going home and 2 new arrivals. First was Ted, a coloured cob who has been diagnosed on MRI with collateral ligament damage and coffin joint inflammation.
He was shod with remedial shoes and given a period of box rest but his lameness recurred once he started to come back into work, despite careful and controlled exercise.
He is a fairly laid-back character who has settled straight in with the rest of the horses. 
Feather is not my favourite thing as it does make it harder to get good hoof photos, but at least his sole and caudal hoof shots will still be clear!
His owner had already made changes to his nutrition and his feet are reasonably strong despite his shoes so I hope we will be able to get him back into work quite quickly.

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