Thursday, 7 April 2016

"Typical" warmblood feet

 These feet belong to new boy Harvey who arrived earlier in the week. He is a German warmblood and his feet are very similar to another German warmblood who came here for rehab one years ago. 
The contracted heels and pinched, upright foot are often described as being "typical" of warmbloods in the same way that flat, under-run feet are described as being "typical" of thoroughbreds.
My own view is that the "warmblood" foot and the "thoroughbred" foot are just two different responses to shoeing. One response is to contract and become more boxy, the other is to slide out from under the limb and collapse.  

What is certain is that neither varieties of "typical" feet are guaranteed or predetermined aspects of the horse's conformation as hooves will, given the chance, change to become less contracted and boxy, less flat and under-run - in fact, healthier and more supportive. Let's hope this is equally the case for Harvey. 

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