Monday, 18 April 2016

Normal, healthy landing

Very often the photos and videos I post on here are of unhealthy feet and unsound horses. Its the nature of rehabilitation, of course, and its always fascinating (to me at least and I think to you as well!) to see hooves change and develop.

But just for a change I wanted to show you some completely healthy, normal feet.

Its something to aim for if you are struggling with problem feet in your own horse and I hope will also help you get your eye in for how a healthy, normal foot lands on a level surface.
You sometimes hear people saying that a flat landing is normal for some horses but on a level surface its really not. It does not do as much harm as a toe first landing but its a clear sign that the horse has a relatively weak palmar hoof. 

A heel first landing is a necessary precursor to a proper, full length stride and should always be visible on a level surface or going down hill. 

This footage shows the horse walking past and towards the camera - it is slow motion footage but the landing will be easily seen with the naked eye if the horse has a really strong, well developed foot.

[If the video is not displaying in full width click on the "Heel first landing" link to view at Vimeo]

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