Friday 22 January 2016

Josh's 3 week update

Josh has been here about 3 weeks so time for a quick update. Apologies for the mud, which I had mostly washed off but some escaped me - our one dry, frosty day was sadly a one-hit wonder and we are back to mild and wet again...
The clearest change so far is in the back of the foot, which is good as thats the area we are trying to strengthen. If you compare the hairline from today to when he first arrived you can see that its more level, with more bulk at the back of the foot. Small changes but good to see. 
Not a lot to see here - if I had done a better job with the mud you could compare hairlines from this angle too but I failed, unfortunately. I did a bit better with the left foot, so have a look at that instead!

Again, apologies for the mud which makes it hard to see what is going on. If you look at where the heels are in relation to the frog you can see that the foot is becoming less under-run; the frog is doing more work too but its not the best photo. 

These photos give a clearer idea of what I mean - again, the easiest place to see the changes is at the hairline, which is less contracted in the lower, more recent photo. 

Although you can see changes from the hairline, they are less clear at ground level although the frog is slightly less contracted today than it was. 

Once more the hairline is the place to look but its good to also see the old nail holes nearly grown out. More on Josh, including his landing footage, when I have a pair of helping hands next week!

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