Friday 10 April 2015

Road movie

Another update today, this time Goofy and Ernie who have been here several months.

Both arrived following diagnoses of DDFT lesions and navicular bone damage (Goofy worse than Ernie) but I am glad to say that they have done well and have been back in work for a while.

Our mission now is to get them fit and as I have had extra hands helping this week I thought it was a great opportunity to rope in the boys (Andy and  my nephew) to get some footage of Ernie and Goofy doing their roadwork and hillwork.
I've slowed down some parts of the footage so you can see their landings more clearly - bear in mind that this is filmed uphill so the heel first landings which are very clear downhill and on the flat are less obvious (though still apparent) here. 

Roadwork from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

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Kobi said...

Once a horse is sound, comfortable and landing heel first what would an average fitness routine look like for you (I'm sure you tailor to each horse, but I'm hoping you have a standard routine that you tailor that you could share with us). Asking because I have a sound horse that is landing heel first and comfortable on all but the toughest surfaces who is just coming back into work after a 4 month break as I've had a baby. I'm lucky that I was able to create my own set up at home and taking inspiration from you he's been out 247 on 1/4 acre of hardstanding with free access to good hay from old pasture and fed low sugar and starch diet with supplements.