Monday, 27 April 2015

Lad's first fortnight

Lad has been here 2 weeks, after arriving in remedial shoes. Time for an update as his feet are already changing. 
As you can see, on this foot the toe is already shorter and it will only be a couple more weeks at most before he has grown out the nail holes. His palmar hoof needs to strengthen and build up but he is landing better than when he arrived so that should happen naturally. 
These photos show his LF in (above)...  

...and immediately out of shoes. The photo below is the same foot today. As you can see, lots of the old, weak hoof wall has chipped off, which is fine as it wasn't capable of loading anyway. 
In addition his frog is beginning to develop which is the first step towards a stronger palmar hoof. 
 Again, these photos show him in and immediately out of shoes.
The photo below is the same foot 2 weeks later and although it is similar if you compare the frog and digital cushion you can see the start of a strengthening hoof. 

This was his worse foot and its still got a long toe, as you can see. Its beginning to look less under-run though of course the back of his foot is still weak. 

 However on this foot the sole shots show a much more significant difference between his feet on the day he arrived (above and below)...
 ...and today, when his frog has developed tremendously.
Its obvious from this angle that the long toe is not going to be an issue for long and also that he is developing much greater sole depth. 

Not an enormous change to show from the caudal shots but a hint of a tougher frog and digital cushion. 
 More on Lad soon, of course.

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