Friday, 23 January 2015

Goofy's 10 week update

Goofy's update is a bit overdue but I've had a very busy start to the year and I'm not as up to speed with the blog as I should be - apologies.
As ever his original photos are at the top and his latest are the lower of each set. As you can see, the biggest changes are in his frogs and in the concavity in his feet - from flat soles with no depth to much more functional feet with reasonable collateral groove depth.
This is important because collateral groove depth is a good indicator of how capable the foot is of working on tough ground and shock-absorbing. 

This angle provides a good demonstration of how the frog and digital cushion have developed. In the initial photos the digital cushion is rather pinched and distorted but 10 weeks later its much stronger. 

This is his worse foot and it has as well as a weak frog a central sulcus split which is improving but still apparent. 

His bars are also changing a lot - he has less than half a good foot at the moment so there is a lot of improvement still to come. 
From this perspective you can clearly see the angle change which marks the difference between the old and new hoof capsule. 
The old abscess hole which you can just make out in the initial photo is now halfway down his hoof capsule and clearly marks the rate of hoof growth.
An improving picture - but a way to go till his feet are as good as they can be.

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