Friday, 9 January 2015

Alfie's 8 week update

Just time, in between exercising horses in the fog and watching Freya crunch the numbers on the rehab results, to upload some new photos of Alfie, who has now been here 8 weeks. The blog's website has in its infinite wisdom relocated a load of my photos to some nether region of cyberspace and I haven't found out where yet, so I've confined myself to his LF as it was quicker than reloading all his original photos...Happy New Year from Blogger, obviously... 
Anyway, here we are - his worse foot, although both were weak and he arrived landing bilaterally toe first. This improved relatively quickly, as I've blogged about already, and you can see that now, after a further 4 weeks, his toe is much shorter and his heel and palmar hoof more supportive. 
Alfie had weak frogs at day one but what you can't see from this photo is that the whole top layer of frog is about to shed off and that the frog beneath is not only contracted but has a central sulcus split. 
Today the whole foot is looking straighter and stronger but the weak frog still has a long way to go. However the fact that Alfie now has a good landing will be one of the most important factors in helping to improve his frog health. 
Apart from the additional hair, which is unfortunately unavoidable with horses at this time of year, I hope you can make out the lower heels and shorter hoof wall. I will try for dry photos next time around!

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