Monday 10 November 2014

New boy Bruno

New boy Bruno arrived yesterday and with the wonders of the new computer I've managed to get his photos and video up already - perhaps I am finally getting to grips with it(!)...
Bruno has been lame for a while and though he improved to around 1/10 lame on a circle in the school he was still short-striding, though level in front, when he arrived. 
He has a reasonable palmar hoof judging from appearance but he is landing toe first so this isn't a frog or digital cushion which is used to consistent work. Its hard to tell from initial photos but I would expect there to be changes by the time we have new photos in a few weeks.
This is his sounder foot and it has better media-lateral balance than his RF - if you check out the footage below you can see the difference in landing - but it is under-run and I suspect wants to have a shorter toe.
Again, looking at the palmar hoof there is lots to like and lots to build on. The fact that he is landing more evenly on this foot is another helpful sign.

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