Tuesday 4 November 2014

New boy - another Alfie

New boy Alfie arrived yesterday and is the next in my list of photo catch-ups. He is an ISH who hails from Berkshire, not far from where we held our rehabs' reunion a couple of months ago. 

He has been shod most of his working life, like the majority of horse in the UK, but came out of shoes about 3 weeks ago, prior to coming to us.
According to his owner his feet are already changing fast, which I can well believe. 
  It will be fascinating to see how they look in a fortnight or so. I would expect big changes in the angle of the hoof capsule and in the development of frog and digital cushion.

 More to come on Alfie soon, of course.

Meanwhile, its naturally no surprise that with a weak palmar hoof like this he is landing toe first in front but lets hope that's all about to change over the next few weeks. 

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