Friday, 22 August 2014

Filly's 4 week footage

As promised earlier in the week, I'm just posting some comparative stills from Filly's updated footage which I've included at the end of this post.
She arrived with very flat feet and thin soles and naturally this isn't something which can be resolved in 4 weeks so, as you can see, she does at the moment have a shorter stride than she did in shoes.
Her landing is also not yet heel first but she is on the verge of it, which is encouraging especially combined with her much healthier frog and digital cushion.
I'd already posted photos where I was pleased to see her stance was more balanced and that is borne out by the footage as well, even though I want to see a lot more improvement over the next few weeks.
However, considering she has had quite a few issues to deal with, not least the abscess on her LF, she is doing well for a horse so recently out of shoes. A nice start and one which I hope we can build on going forward. 

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Tim said...

The biggest difference I see is that she is not twisting the right front as much as the hoof leaves the ground. At second 29 to 30 it is very obvious how she was doing this. Whilst it is still there in frames 50 to 51 seconds it seems much less pronounced