Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Belated updates...Wiggy first

The computer has decided it can cope with photos again after all so here are the belated updates - Wiggy first. He has been here for 4 weeks now and I posted an update on him a couple of weeks ago when he had already begun to land heel first. 
However he had very weak, flat soles which  are only just beginning to get tougher now so even though he was landing well we've only just begun to work him on tougher surfaces. 
 There are still lots of improvements needed and it will be a while before he develops a better sole but for now his heels are coming back, which is good. 
Apologies for the mud but its interesting to compare the hairline between his foot on day one and today. A more level hairline tends to be a sign that the palmar hoof is developing and becoming stronger, with a healthier frog and digital cushion. The hoof wall is also less distorted in today's photo which is another encouraging sign.  

More mud - again - but if you look at the coronet in today's photo then there is the beginnings of a much better angle of growth which should become more evident over the next few weeks. 

The right foot was similar to the left and has also made progress - here are those photos for completeness. 
Again, the heels are moving back and the frog is improving, which should lead to a healthier palmar hoof now that he can do more work. 

There is an even clearer difference in the hairline on this foot.

Again, the start of a better new angle of growth which will bring his toe back further still in time. 

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