Thursday 12 December 2013

Dylan's 12 week update

Dylan has now been here 12 weeks and its time for an update. He will be going home next week, still with weak feet which will need many more months of strengthening and rebuilding, but at least heading towards normality. 
You can see from the profile that this is of course still an under-run hoof. Dylan's feet were so weak that it will take a fair old while for his palmar hoof to repair but for now every step on a stronger hoof is beneficial. 
Dylan's frogs and digital cushion were compromised at day one and are still weak now. However I would hope that photos from this angle will become stronger over the next few months.

A shorter toe but again a very weak and under-run foot, even today. The hairline is less distorted though so the back of his foot should continue to get stronger going forward. 

Two pictures of an ugly frog. The lower one is better but there are still so many changes which need to happen. Time is on Dylan's side, however, and patience is going to be required by all of us. 
I'll look forward to seeing how his feet have changed in another few months...

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