Friday 6 December 2013

Changes over 12 weeks - Indy's update

Indy is due to go home on Monday after being here for 12 weeks. I will post his clips later but in the meantime got ahead with his photos and there are some interesting points to note.
First off, look at the angle of the line at his quarter and how much it has changed over 12 weeks. Along with the shorter toe has come a much more supportive heel (again, check out the angle at the back of the foot) and a straighter hairline. 
The same story on his RF and so its no surprise that his landing has gone from toe first to heel first as well. 
I'll post photos next week showing the change from the palmar angle as that's the most important. For now you get a hint of what is happening even in these lateral shots. 
Sole shots also show a healthier frog building and a more symmetrical hoof. The heels and bars still have a way to go but are moving back to a more supportive position. The whole hoof also has more concavity though that's hard to assess just from a photo.

Better symmetry and balance are also evident if you compare the week 1 and week 12 photos of his LF. A long way to go before he has the perfect hoof but a good start and a foundation which can be built on.  

 Personally, comparing these photos of his stance over the same period I prefer the lower one, particularly because both front feet are more stable and grounded and there is less stress on the fetlocks and knees.
Of course Indy still has half a new hoof capsule still to grow so we should be hoping for some much better feet in another 3-4 months. 

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