Thursday, 21 June 2012

A year ago it was all about wedges!

Believe it or not, its a year since the arrival of Dillon - who of course came to be known to everyone as Dillon-with-the-wedges!
There is lots more about him on his first day here and you can search the blog for news about his progress during and after rehab but, as Nicky has said before: "Much as I want to shout from the rooftops about how fab he is, I am worried about jinxing him"! I am delighted to say, though, that she sent me an update to celebrate his anniversary.

"Exactly a year ago you took off Dillon's monstrous wedges and he started his barefoot rehab...

I am pleased to report that despite the recent grass and trim related blip [a trimmer misread his hooves,  decided to address some supposed "flare" and made him temporarily less capable on uneven ground...] he is much better. Much as I wanted a glorious sunny ride to take some pics, it was very windy and miserable and Dillon is doing a good impression of a skewbald currently so I decided the photos could wait! 

Today [about a week or so after his trim] he is pretty much back to normal on our stony drive and fine out on the road, even the new gritted bit. Even the YM has ridden him and is telling me not to worry he is fine.

Hopefully we can keep on top of things now and then there won't be a need for me to let anyone else to help him trim his feet. "

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Unknown said...

it is worrying and insightful at how much a trim can effect them. Luckily this only caused a minor set back and hes still sounds miles better than this time last year. poor lad was on some pretty thick wedges x