Saturday 9 June 2012

Useful things: Natty Web Development

This is a quick post in the "Useful things" series - not horse or hoof related, but incredibly useful if you either need a website or have one already (like me) which was previously hosted by an absolutely terrible company.

The Rockley Farm website has been running a good few years and I occasionally revamp or update it but since October last year I have been having lots of problems as the site host was taken over not once but twice and ended up with a company who shall remain nameless but who were about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

It was clear that I not only needed to update the site but also transfer the domain to a new host.  I went to Natty Web Development, who already came recommended, but the supposedly straightforward job of uploading the new site turned out to be incredibly fiddly. It was nobody's fault, just one of those tedious technical hitches which need a lot of time, patience, expertise and inspirational guesswork to resolve.

I, naturally, possess none of these attributes, particularly where computers and the internet are concered, so its entirely thanks to Martin at Natty and his endless telephone and email support that I have a website which was finally uploaded and is now running more smoothly than it has for a long time :-)
So, if you either need a website written or help improving an existing site, I unreservedly commend Martin and his team to you - a friendlier, more helpful, more knowledgeable, more cost effective service would be very hard to find!

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jenj said...

Glad to hear your web site is back up and doing well!

As for the chocolate teapot, it might be useless, but it sure sounds delicious! I'll take two in extra dark... with a spot of tea on the side, please.