Thursday 16 June 2011

Mr Dexterity

Sharp-eyed blog readers will already have noticed that another horse has returned to Rockley.  This time its none other than Mr Dexterity - Dexter himself, the horse who inspired the "Project Dexter" research!
As you can see, he is looking magnificent and is on tremendously good form, apart from being deeply unimpressed with the current wet weather (and this slightly too big headcollar...).  He has come back here because Kelly has had to move to London where she now has a literally high-flying new job with BA and gorgeous though Dex is, he wouldn't make cabin crew.
It took no time at all for Dex to catch up with his old pals  - though as he's only been here during the hunting season previously, I think he was surprised to see Charlie looking quite so feral(!).  He has been hard at work for the best part of the last 3 weeks because he is a lovely, well-mannered horse to ride and is also good to lead other horses from.
There will be lots more news on him in future, and I promise, Kelly, that if it ever does stop raining I will get some better photos of him :-)

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