Thursday 30 June 2011

Dillon - in and out of wedges

Dillon (who is mooching, above, with Harvey out at night) has been here for 2 weeks and I thought it would be interesting to put up some comparisons of his hooves in and out of his wedged shoes.  
The problem is that its pretty difficult to get much of an idea of how his feet looked in shoes because the shoes were so all-enveloping.  Nevertheless, here they are in wedges (above) and today (below).
I'll upload some footage of him over the next few days but at the moment  - as you can see - he has coped very well with increased movement and turnout and he has maintained his good landing, which is great.

Interestingly, his base of support is in more or less the same place as it was in the wedges but his hoof pastern axis is better and his toes aren't sliding into the ground. 
Again, hard to compare, really(!) but it IS the same foot ;-)


jenj said...

Looks like good progress... he sure does have a nice frog!

Anonymous said...

Wow...amazing to reveal a hoof inside all of that "armor!" His "new" feet must feel downright dainty!