Thursday, 20 November 2008

Horse and hound...

...the report on the Exmoor Foxhounds is in today's edition, and its a nice enough write up, with a lovely picture of Tony and Tom Fir heading it up, and some pretty shots of the moor looking picturesque, BUT sadly no nice close-ups of our horses (although Felix, Charlie and Jack are in the middle of the wide angle shots, and you can pick them out if you know them!).

The article is particularly interesting from one point of view: the reporter had never ridden a barefoot horse, and comments in the article on what a good hunter Charlie is, but managed to write the whole article without even commenting on the fact that our horses hunt without shoes ;-)

I'm not sure whether she just wasn't interested, or whether it was too controversial to even surface as a one-liner in the Nag and Dog...What do you think? :-)


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Sarah Bell said...

i suspect it was just too controversial. It is always so much easier to avoid something then face it and ask questions. It is so typically english just "to pretend" you have not noticed.