Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Good boys!

Our master is short of horses at the moment - typically (as horses always do) hers have both injured themselves at the same time...So Felix was delighted yesterday to be promoted to Master's horse :-) He took it very seriously and was obviously determined (even more than usual) not to let our huntsman out of his sight. He would actually prefer to be the huntsman's horse, but as I keep telling him, he is just not big enough :-(

I took Hector, and its just amazing how grown up he is now - we went over really horrible ground in places, as some of the paths were only fit for skiing down, so he did ;-) He is as happy as anything now when he is out, really knows his job. What good boys!


cptrayes said...

What do you MEAN insulting Felix like that! Not big enough??? But he's 19 hands (in his dreams :-)


Nic Barker said...

Well after today's day out hunting, Felix will be SPITTING MAD! He has spent the last 5 seasons waiting to be a stand-in for Tony's horse, and now look what's happened (daren't tell him about Charlie's rapid promotion today!)....