Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Workshops, movement and balance

I spent the weekend at the first of the Performance Hoof workshops, in Yorkshire, and it was brilliant to have a day with such dedicated horse owners. We talked about hoof balance, movement and anything and everything to do with horses and their feet and the sun shone on us as we did so!

I will post later this week about upcoming workshops, with dates and venues, for anyone who might be interested in coming along.

In the meantime on Sunday I managed to get belated footage of Maysie and Mickey, 2 of the rehab horses who have now been here 3 weeks. I'm posting their footage initially as its available and photos aren't (camera trouble, I think it is exhausted after the weekend...!).

Its not the most dramatic footage but it is always useful to chart how horses are landing. In both cases they were landing toe first and laterally loading in front.

Neither horses has an established heel first landing yet but they are landing flatter than they were and the lateral load has also reduced slightly. Its early days but these are encouraging signs.

Mickey's footage

Maysie's footage

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