Tuesday 8 March 2016

Kiara's 3 month update

Kiara has been here since the end of November, so a little over 3 months, and its time for an update. When she arrived several of you commented on her feet which appeared a bit bull-nosed. I thought at the time that this was probably mostly the effect of how she had been shod and trimmed and sure enough, it is growing out. 
In her latest photo, above, you can see 2 angle changes. The first is the line you can see around the top third of the hoof, extending to her heels. This is the really strong new growth which is at the steepest angle. Further down there is another angle change, less severe, and finally at ground level the last of the bull-nosed old hoof wall. Her hairline and the new growth give a good indication of how her hoof capsule will be in another few months - much steeper and shorter with a really strong palmar hoof.  
Some nice changes in the sole shot with a  much stronger frog and much more concavity. This will improve further as the new hoof capsule grows down. You can see from the dark inner line round the sole where the new hoof capsule will be - this is already effectively where she is breaking over and the old hoof wall is wearing away as it grows down. There is no need to trim as the new growth is far stronger than the old and is already setting her foot balance. 

She had a fairly good frog and digital cushion for a horse who had been shod for many years but still they can improve out of shoes!

As with the left foot, the bull-nosed wall is growing out and the new, steeper angles can be seen. This was her more compromised foot, which had quite an extensive solar abscess when she was in shoes but that too is now growing out. 

Although her frog was fairly good in shoes you can see how much it has developed in the last few weeks.  Her bars are a function of the fact that her sole was compromised by the abscess and they will normalise once her new foot has grown in. For now they are providing much needed stability so, again, its best not to trim them.

It wasn't a terrible palmar hoof before but its more balanced and working harder today. Kiara is now back hunting, though we are only letting her do a couple of hours for now. Next season I hope she will be back all guns blazing!


Karen B in so california said...

Hi, Nic! I visit every day from California, hoping for a new learning experience. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here.

I have a question about thoroughbreds. I came across this description on an adoption website and wonder if there are breeds who can't be rehabbed to go barefoot? Here's the text:

"This guy has no white and is almost black in the winter. He only started 3 times and then retired after a partial fracture to his hind leg in 2010 - prognosis for recovery was excellent. After 2 years of lay-up he seems completely sound and ready for someone to give him a second chance at a career. He is a typical TB with thin soles and will probably need to live in shoes but could make a worthwhile investment."

And the link is here:

This is not a horse I'm considering purchasing; I just browse all kinds of blogs.



Nic Barker said...

Hi Karen,
We have rehabbed a lot of thoroughbreds over the years and they have done extremely well so its certainly not true that TBs can't go barefoot. Josh is an ex-racehorse who is with is at the moment, for instance.
Thin soles are usually a function of dietary problems and can always be improved.
Hope that helps,

Karen B in so california said...

Yep, thanks, Nic.