Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Changing hooves - Alfie's update

Unfortunately I don't have brilliant comparison shots for Alfie but one of the weak aspects of his hooves when he arrived was that he had a very pinched hoof capsule at the quarters.
Its difficult to capture this in a photo - you really need a 3D model of the hoof - but you can see from this angle the difference between the old growth at the bottom and the new capsule in the top half. 
The sole comparisons also give an idea of how the hoof is broadening at the quarters and heel. Alfie still has a less then perfect frog but much better sole depth and a more balanced foot. 

As part of the strengthening of the back of his foot his heels have shortened. The top photo also shows how pinched his hoof capsule was - you can see its nipped in towards the hairline. 

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