Tuesday 12 November 2013

Trooper's 4 week update

Trooper will have been here 4 weeks tomorrow and its time for his update. He is a tough little pony who has made good progress in the short time he has spent with us.

His footage is below and you can see that his landing was heel first when he arrived - in bar shoes -  and that has been maintained now that he is working out of shoes.
That does of course beg the question of what the bar shoes were intended to do. They are usually cited as offering more "support" to the back of the foot but I've never been convinced and it seems clear that certainly in Trooper's case his own feet are more than capable of providing all the support he needs. 
The more interesting contrast is between his medio-lateral balance on the day he arrived and today. Stupidly I forgot to get footage of him in his shoes but he was tipping laterally and was still doing so when we filmed him a few days out of shoes (above), worse on his LF. 
Today he can load his foot more evenly - apologies for the poor still shot but my new camera, though admirable in many ways, hates low light conditions and so filming at 4pm on a murky November day was asking a lot. I am investing in floodlights :-)

His hoof pics will follow once the fog clears...

1 comment:

cptrayes said...

Flat mediolateral landing accompanied, if I see through the fuzz, by a pair of fetching lateral extensions??

Or is that just flare :-)))) ???