Tuesday 18 June 2013

Who remembers "Dillon with the Wedges"?!

Its hard to know where the time has gone, but 2 years ago a horse called Dillon arrived at Rockley. He had such wacky footwear on that he rapidly was known to all who read the blog as "Dillon with the Wedges".
Not the most elegant soubriquet, but certainly memorable. Dillon had been on box rest but that plus the farriery hadn't improved him. However, over the next few weeks he adjusted well to life without wedges...
...just LOOK how much grass we had 2 years ago...doesn't look like that at the moment, I hate to say...

Anyway, the point of this post is to share a fantastic update which I've had from Nicky, sent on Dillon's 2 year anniversary. 

Dillon has always been a total sweetie but his one foible was crossing water. He HATED it and the more water the more likely he was to make a fuss. So how about this for an anniversary present...!
Nicky and Dillon have recently moved to a new yard and obviously its enabled Dillon to conquer his phobia once and for all! Even better, Nicky has this to say about how he and his feet are doing: 

"Once in he proceeded to try to drink and then splash about soaking us both. So I got back on and took him back in and out from both edges a few times. My new hacking buddies waited so patiently while we did this, even though one had also got her feet soaked helping me. Then we went up a hill akin to Exmoor (aptly named the ‘fitness fields’) and so we had a mooch round a huge field before we came home (back through the water - no problem!)

And do you know through all of this varied terrain he just stomped on!  More updates as we continue to explore, but my god today has been brilliant and extra specially so as its his barefoot anniversary!"

Happy anniversary Dillon and well done Nicky - you both look fantastic and many happy updates to you both :-)

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