Monday 19 November 2012

A new Buddy

New boy Buddy arrived on Friday afternoon and its getting dark so early that its difficult to get photos with anything approaching decent light. 
Sensibly, he had pulled off his bar shoes just before he came down. His lameness is relatively mild and has been caught early but on x-ray he has navicular and pedal bone degeneration. 
As you can see, he has very flat feet and rather contracted, under-run heels. The lateral photos also shows quite a bulge in the hairline at the quarters and even at this angle you can see that there is very little fibrocartilage supporting the back of his foot and he has a weak digital cushion.
There is a similar story of course on both feet and lots of chipping where he has just pulled his shoes off as well as some event lines at the top of the foot. Both his owner and I have a feeling that his feet will change pretty quickly, so let's hope we are both right! 


Krista said...

*Crossing fingers* I'm missing him far more than I thought already but am so curious as to what his feet will become. Love my little donkey!

Debbie & Paddy said...

I know exactly how you feel - you will appreciate him even more when he comes home! :0) Debbie

cptrayes said...

It's not Shrove Tuesday is it? "flat as pancakes" comes to mind!

I'm sure they'll turn into cupcakes as soon as they can.


Nic Barker said...

ROFL! Not yet, C ;-) Cupcake Tuesday is one we are all waiting for!