Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bryan - totally under-rated yesterday so needs top billing today...

I made a terrible error in yesterday's blog.  I blithely said that Bryan had jumped at county level, only to be contacted by his PA who clarified that he had in fact not only jumped at international 4 star level but had also been on a Nations Cup team in his time(!).  I knew he was good but I hadn't realised quite what illustrious circles he moves in - not helped by the fact that Bryan himself has the most charming manners and would be last horse in the world to give himself airs and graces.

So today's post comes with a big apology and a notional kow-tow to Big Barefoot Bryan.
You have to admit, though, that he is doing a pretty good job of improving his hooves.  Comparing the photo from the day he arrived to now (2 months on), he has completely grown out the nail holes from his  shoes.  The horizontal mark is a good indicator of hoof growth and you can also see an angle change at the top of the hoof capsule.
Already his toe is shorter and his heels are also becoming less under-run though it will take another 4-5 months before the new growth is complete.
A big contrast in his sole shot too - the proportions of the foot above indicate that the palmar/caudal hoof is not being used, which was confirmed by Bryan's video footage when he arrived. 
Here he is a few weeks in...and today.  Look at how far the bars and heels have shifted backwards, as his hoof starts to load more effectively - its a virtuous circle. 
Here is a frog which is responding to work and a hoof which is able to work as it should - engaging at the back for shock-absorption and to allow for correct landing and loading of the limb above.
Finally the caudal shot.  The hoof below looks as if it actually capable of some proper work - and compare also the length of the hoof wall.  In the earlier photo the lateral side is longer but by now they are starting to even up as the load on the foot becomes more balanced. 
PS: I hope it goes without saying that its not trimming which has made Bryan's feet change...

For good measure, here is his updated footage.  He was landing toe first or flat on all 4 feet when he arrived, though his weakest limbs were LF/LH.  Its interesting to watch how the hind limb landings improve first and the last to improve is the LF.  I will update his footage again before he goes home, as his landings should then be better established and more definitely heel first. 

Bryan from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

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jenj said...

My goodness, a superstar! Does he do autographs? ;)