Saturday, 22 December 2007

Time is flying!

Can't believe its the 22nd December already...

We have had proper winter here for the last 10 days, but today its suddenly got milder and cloudier - a shame, but the ground is thawed, which is no bad thing really, and makes riding out more pleasant.

I have had a UKNHCP farrier with me for the last couple of days, and had an interesting time looking at and trimming hooves, obsessing about diet, and talking about balancing feet - always fascinating to a hoof anorak ;-)

Jack Frost got his first trim here, and was a star, and he has also continued to work very nicely over the last few days, so I hope we will make even more progress with him over Christmas.

The other horses were also all trimmed, and work-wise have been ticking over, although the hard frosts of the last few days have limited the exercise for all of them. Thank goodness for the tracks, which have allowed them to move around as much as possible on good surfaces.

Monsoon and Lucy are the only ones not in work at the moment, as both of them are still recuperating (in Lucy's case from the original tendon injury she came with, and in Monsoon's case from a knock she acquired a couple of weeks ago). Both have improving feet, so keep your fingers crossed for them!



cptrayes said...

Is Conto still with you?


Nic Barker said...

Yes, he's here for now, although we are looking out for a new home for him, but I would like it to be somewhere local if possible :-)

Andy and I have just been out for a great ride on him and Charlie, sun shining, and both boys being angelic. Con's been hunting a couple of times, and will go again over the next week or so, and I will probably do a little bit more jumping with him if it stays nice and dry.


cptrayes said...

That's quite an improvement for a crippled horse, isn't it :-) ?