RRR Sept 2011

Rockley Rehab Reunion
9th-11th September 2011

Dear all,

The RRR is nearly upon us, and in order to get the logistics organised, I need some details from you.

Please could you email me the info below as soon as possible and definitely no later than 31st August:

1 Your name, whether you are camping, food preferences (see below)

2 Your horse’s name, if you are bringing him/her

3 The date and approx. time you are arriving

4 Your vehicle - VERY IMPORTANT - and details of any trailer/lorry

As you know, parking is very limited and parking for horse transport will have to be arranged very carefully, so if you ARE able to share transport, please do so!


If you wish to camp, please let me know and be aware that facilities will be basic - ie a field, though fires will be allowed :-)

Food and housekeeping

I am expecting that people will organise their own breakfasts but soup and bread will be available at lunchtimes and tea/coffee will be available all day.

We will probably also have a BBQ one night (which night will depend on the weather!) and can go out to the pub for supper on the other night. If you are vegetarian, please let me know.

There will be a small charge to cover food costs, loo hire etc and I am hoping that everyone will help out with catering/clearing up etc :-)

Horse accomodation

We should be able to turn all horses out at night but depending on numbers, some may need to be stabled during the day as there is a full complement of horses already here at the moment.

If you wish to stable your horse, please let me know - I can provide straw at cost but if you use shavings, please bring your own.

If you are bringing a horse, please also bring your own feed buckets etc and tools for mucking out.  I’d suggest you also label your tack/rugs etc.

It will of course be extra busy here during the RRR, so please be extra careful - both with your own horses and around others.  I will be working  out a turn-out plan once I know exactly who is coming.


There will be the option to hunt on Friday and Saturday  - I am hoping that the meet on Saturday will be on our doorstep so we can hack to it.

The meet will most likely be at 7am.  The cap is £40 but if you know you will only be out for a short day let me know as it may be reduced.

Dress code is tweed jackets and shirt/tie or stock - waterproofs if weather is bad!  There is no need to plait.

If you want to come but you have a newbie horse, let me know and I will do my best to pair you up with someone on an experienced “nanny”.

Lessons and jumping 

Our XC jumps will be available, as will the school.  You are welcome to use them as and when but Wiola has also offered to give lessons to anyone who would like.  I am booking up for sure, and I will ask her to give an idea of costs for these!

If you have other suggestions for things you want to do, either let me know or put them up on the RRR Facebook page :-)

See you soon!