Friday, 19 March 2010

Old boys' update

I had a call from Blue's owner yesterday - he is a rehab horse from last year, who went home to Cornwall in July. There is lots about him in posts from last year, including (of course!) lots of hoof shots - like the ones here:

Anyway, he's been home a while now, and with the help of Blue's lovely owner and Jeremy Hyde, from Eqwest, who is her vet, we are trying to arrange for a follow-up report on him for Project Dexter. In her message, Blue's owner says "his feet are brilliant and pounding away on gravel for miles and miles"!

Meanwhile Dexter has had a really busy few weeks since the snow, competing in BSJA events and doing dressage on his weekends off (!) with a view to eventing in a couple of months time. Apparently he's famous (a) because he jumps barefoot and (b) because a couple of years ago everyone thought he'd be dead by now :-)

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